“Jumaa Market” ….. symbolism of Raqqa people

Raqqa – With the return of the normal life of Raqqa city with the return of its people to it, the markets are returning to their old congestion again, and Raqqa’s markets are getting very crowded at all times and days.

On Friday, in particular, there is more symbolism. On this day, what is known as the “random market” or the “market of Friday” is widespread in Raqqa city, where people flock to these markets to buy everything that is new or second hand in the market, especially clothes that are imported from abroad and what is known as “bala”

Many people attribute the spread of such markets to the weak of purchasing power of Raqqa’s people, after suffering from displacement during the war of liberating the city, because imported clothes come in very high quality, and the variety of goods offered and gathered in one market.

The market of the Friday is a random popular market. And when the armed groups that took control of the city, people opened it in the northern part of the city and then moved the center of the city (in the front of ancient wall) after Daesh takeover. its practices against people in the market led to reduce the market’s activities then cancelled it by Daesh terrorists especially after it has been turned into a place where the stolen cars have been collected from the places it has controlled.

Today, life comes back to it, and ” Bastas ” are being bought everywhere. In the market, there are food, industrial products, clothes, and much more that people need in their daily lives.

SDF. Media Center

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