Meeting To Discuss The Political Situation In AL- Khabour Center             

Hasakah -Eastern township Directorate in Hasakah organized a meeting to discuss the political situation in Syria generally and in the Syrian North regions in particular at Al-Khabour Center for Culture and Democratic Art, attended by a large segment of Hasakah people and representatives of various civil institutions.

The meeting started by a minute of silence upon the souls of martyrs. Then Ramadan Fattah, a member of the joint presidency of the Eastern township, delivered a speech about the political circumstances surrounding the current stage and the brutal attacks on the regions of the Syrian North and said: The stage we are going through it is a real historical stage that requires true patriots who have moral and national principles and values because history always represents itself as one of the sons of this nation, and the policies and terrorist attacks on Afrin, Manbaj and various areas of the Syrian north today are the result of the failure of the fascist forces’ plans to control and enslave the peoples. Of their freedom, and these practices want us to be attentive ears of propaganda that distort the heroic resistance of our great people.

Ramadan Fattah stressed the continuation of the struggle for freedom and living in peace under the roof of the democratic nation. He said: “We will not stand idly by and no matter what obstacles, our answer will always be the brotherhood, interdependence and coexistence between all the components and all members of society.  We will follow the footsteps that the martyrs have painted for us with their pure blood, because our destiny and the destiny of our children falls under the roof of freedom, democracy and coexistence.

Today, we are proud of our people, who have established their position, which represents honor and dignity in the face of all the conspiracies that have done against this nation. The will of the peoples is the strongest weapon in the human history, the meeting concluded by an open discussion and responses to questions raised by Attendees.

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