Municipalities Committee .. We need support to rehabilitation of all bridges

Raqqa- By a support of Syrian Democratic Council, the Local Administration and Municipalities Committee in the Civil Council has completed the damaged concrete works in the old bridge by pouring the top pillars and processing of metal holes with/18 / m / length for each opening. The estimated time for completion of the renovation works at the end of this year and the Estimated cost is 171 million SP.

The Committee began the renovation of the Tel AL-Samman bridge on the Al-Hisha channel, that is linking Raqqa city and Ein Issa town, with the cleaning and removal of the rubble. The estimated cost of rebuilding the bridge is approximately 26 million SP, with a period not exceeding 45 days, Ahmed Al-Khader, a member of the local administration and municipalities committee of Raqqa Civil Council, appealed to humanitarian organizations and supporters to rehabilitate the destroyed bridges in Raqqa because they are connected between areas in the Syrian North. It is worth to mention that the International Alliance has contributed to the implementation of 8 metal bridges at a number of crossings, including (Assadiya – Maizila – Kalta – Shanina – Alsahelbia).

SDF. Media Center

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