Neighborhood of Raqqa

Raqqa – Al-Furat neighborhood is located on the southern side of Raqqa city and extends along the Euphrates River. The population of the neighborhood is estimated at 28,000, the neighborhood was liberated from Daesh terrorists in Qazab AL-Furat campaign and the liberation of the neighborhood passed through   several stages of overcrowding and large quantities of mines that Daesh terrorists laid in it as the first line of defense to the neighborhood, / 25 / martyrs of neighborhood’s sons who joined the ranks of SDF.

After the liberation of the neighborhood, the engineering teams started removing mines from public roads, civilian houses and government buildings, while removing rubble and soil barriers and repairing water and sewage networks by the Reconstruction Committee of Raqqa Civil Council, the joint presidency of the People’s Assembly in AL-Furat district “Juma’a al-Jassim” confirmed that the percentage of destruction in the neighborhood does not exceed 4% of the infrastructure. Al-Jassem added that their work in the council is to provide services to the population from gas cylinders, diesel for heating, relief materials and service work, and there are 4 schools in the neighborhood, the offices of Raqqa Civil council are located in the neighborhood, People’s Assembly and military public relations in addition to the headquarters of a number of humanitarian organizations.

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