No Awareness” cleanliness campaign of Municipality of Eastern Township

Hassakeh – Eastern Province Municipality organized a clean-up campaign in coordination with the province of Hasakah and the towns of the Eastern Province and with the Concastar, in which a large number of employees of municipality and the participating institutions participated in it.

The campaign included the cleaning of several streets, from the Union of the peasants to Zouhdi Oven, and from Kalash Mafrak to the hospital.

Rasha Ramo, head of the sanitation department in the Municipality of Eastern Township, pointed out that this hygiene campaign is under the name of:

/Not to raise awareness / which carries the opposite concept of the word in order to raise awareness and alert indifferent people who dump randomly the aim of this active participation of employees within institutions is to incite people to maintain hygiene in the community in order to protect public safety from the spread of epidemics and diseases. In addition, we distributed awareness leaflets to citizens on hygiene.

Cleaning campaigns are ongoing throughout the year, and a complete area is covered in each of them. Hygiene mechanisms are also ongoing throughout the city.





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