Office of Relations holds a meeting for the people Safsafa town and the surrounding villages

Tabqa-military relations office held a meeting of the villages of “Safsafa Tahtani” and “Safsafa Faqani” to clarify the latest political developments in the region recently, and the failed   attacks of the Turkish occupation and its terrorists to control the region.

It was attended by a number of people, elders and dignitaries of the region and representatives of the civil administration in Tabqa.

“Omid Kapar” one of SDF leaders clarified that “The aim of this meeting is to clarify the crimes of the Turkish occupation against the northern and eastern regions of Syria, the sedition carried out by the Turkish occupation against the people of the Syrian North, and expose the practices of the hostile countries that are trying to regroup the terrorist groups, Including Terrorist Daesh Organization, which has come to an end”.

He pointed out that the attacks of the Turkish occupation against our regions, is only spitefulness and hatred and create sedition between the people of the region and the failure of the project of brotherhood of the peoples that living by our people.

He stressed that these attacks, not the first one against our regions, describing them as “psychological warfare.”

He stressed, “Kapar” that the people of Syrian North trusts in SDF to be the only power that can protect them and their land.

SDF. Media Center

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