Office of Relationships Resolves a Dispute Between Two Clans In Tabqa Countryside

Tabqa – Public Relations Office of SDF in Tabqa held a meeting in Mansoura village, which included a number of elders and dignitaries of the region, to resolve a dispute between the two tribes of Al-Ajeel and Al-Bujabir  and due to that a number of the two clans members were wounded.

“Personal disputes should not continue, so as not to develop into tribal differences that have negative an impact on society, as was the case when such differences between rival clans continued for generations and many lives may lost,” Zanar Kobani” a member of the military public relations office said:

He stressed that SDF are always striving to establish the principles of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence among the region’s people, so that peace between the people of one nation will prevail.

For his part, the elders of the two tribes, “Al-Ajeel” and “Al-Bujabir,” agreed to reject differences between them and ties between them must be promoted, to contain all similar individual differences.

At the end of the meeting, reconciliation between the members of the two tribes was settled and the page of disagreements was settled and everyone pledged not to return to differences again.  And they agreed to punish anyone who tries to spread strife among the sons of this people.

It is worth to mention that “Bujabir” tribe inhabits the area from Heneida village to Mansoura and “Al Ajeel” clan live in several villages stretching from Mansoura to Al-Sahl village and other places adjacent to the area that controlled by the Syrian regime.


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