HomemanshetOpening of the fifth course at Martyr Roujda Minibij Academy

Opening of the fifth course at Martyr Roujda Minibij Academy

Media Center- Martyr Roujda Minibij academy in Ain Eissa Town opened in the town its fifth course for fighters of SDF, which bore the name of martyr “Brittan Shaddadi” 30 female fighters from different regions of the northern Syrian / Euphrates region includes in the course that will continue for 45 days, the female trainees will receive lessons, theoretical and practical training.

The ceremony began by a minute of silence upon the souls of martyrs and then followed by a military parade presented by the fighters in the presence of SDF leaders.

Niroz Raqqa, the leader in SDF, delivered a speech in which she blessed the fighters for joining the course and wished them success in their tasks.

She also stressed on the importance of women’s role, which is the source of life and the need to participate in building the community to reach a free and dignified life.

The female fighters performed the military oath to follow the martyr’s way and protect the civilians and defend the territorial integrity of Syria at the ceremony conclusion.

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