Homenewsopening of training course at Martyr Ishtar’s Academy

opening of training course at Martyr Ishtar’s Academy

Hasakah – Ishtar Academy of Syrian Women’s Protection Units (HSNB) opened a training course for female fighters who will receive political, educational and military training courses on how to use light, medium and heavy weapons, for her part, “Nisha Korieh” responsible of Martyr Ishtar’s Academy said: The aim of the organization of the courses is to improve the skills of women military to be ready to defend itself and its people and to take an active role in the community, the course will lasts for  / 15 / days during which  the female fighters  will receive military training and training on the tactics of intrusion and work In groups and Snipe courses.

She talked about the participation of the forces of the units of the protection of Syriac women in the battles against Terrorist Daesh organization in Raqqa, Hawl and Shaddadi in addition to the demining process from those areas. The academy is now working to strengthen Syriac women in all aspects to have an active role in the society militarily, politically and intellectually, to prove Its presence in the next stage.  responsible of academy confirmed the readiness of the units to deal with the Turkish aggression on northern and eastern Syria and any other aggression.

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