Organizing a competition to employ the qualified people in Raqqa’s countryside

Raqqa -The Local Administration Committee of Raqqa Civil Council organized a competition to recruit a number of secondary and university graduates and experts in Raqqa’s towns and villages.

Ali Al Ibrahim, the head of administrative affairs department of the local administration committee of Raqqa Civil Council, said that the purpose of announcing the recruitment competitions was to employ many qualified young men and women as possible in the municipalities and the local council.

He pointed out that the registration is in sequence, and the priority is given to university degrees holders, then secondary certificates ones, and then the various professions of artisans and workers.

Ibrahim said that the number of applicants for employment has exceeded 1700 and the number is increasing. He pointed out that the applicants will be recruited according to the required competencies.

It is worth to mention that this competition takes place in all villages where local councils and municipalities are opened.


SDF. Media Center

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