Outcome of Engagements in The Battle to Defeat Terrorism

In the context of the resumption of the battle to defeat terrorism to eliminate the remnants of terrorists Daesh organization in the eastern countryside of Deir EZ-Zor, strong engagements broke out between our fighters and terrorists in several Axes , terrorists used various weapons, including the car bombs that our fighters detonated before reaching its goal, and due to that a number of terrorists were killed, and our fighters seized quantities of weapons and ammunition which left by terrorists on the battlefield.

The International coalition air Force carried out intensive raids on terrorist strongholds and fortifications, as well as targeting a number of car bombs and tunnels where terrorists were moving.

The air jets also destroyed a number of ammunition and support depots of terrorists, and a site and a communications base.

The fighting fronts are witnessing intermittent engagements between our fighters and Daesh terrorists, interspersed by mutual mortar shelling.

Final Outcome of Engagements:

– Number of strikes by the international coalition: 34 strikes

– Number of terrorist deaths: 17 terrorists

– Terrorists losses:

 1 – Weapons warehouse number (7)

 2 – destruction (24) car

3)destruction of a security center

 (4) the destruction of a site for foreign fighters

(5) the destruction of defensive sites (4)

(6) the destruction of a number of Tunnels

 7-destruction (11) sites where terrorists are holed up

8-destroying a logistic building (3)

 9-destroying a communications base.

SDF . Media Center

16 November 2018

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