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Peace and Civil Society Center organize a lecture on citizenship

Peace and Civil Society Center had organized a lecture on the concept of citizenship and the homeland, as well as, about citizens’ rights and duties towards their homeland, in the presence of a number of intellectuals and civilians, Head of Human Development Department of Peace and Civil Society Center, Yahya Daoud, ” said during the lecture that this concept needs a lot of explanation and depth in accordance with his description, especially in the Middle East, In which terminologies are often misinterpreted.

Dr. Dawood pointed out: that the lecture attempts to explain the meaning and concept of citizenship on two basic dimensions. It focuses on what citizens’ rights and duties are towards their homeland, and what are the rights that democratic management must have in terms of political, economic, cultural and social rights, so that he must have a set of duties towards his country, defending the homeland – standing with the homeland and even sacrificing for it. The homeland is not the concept of the hotel, which we have observed during the migration that took place and who considered the country a hotel to leave when the conditions worsened, For her part, “Zuzan Najmuddin”, “one of the audiences” stressed that during the lecture a lot of concepts and meanings were explained to them that they may have been unaware of, and added that it is very necessary to intensify lectures to educate the community about his rights towards his homeland and itself, even to establish a civil democratic pluralism administration.

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