People’s Municipality in Tabqa cultivates Trees in Rafidain’s Neighborhood Park

Raqqa – After several works carried out by the people’s municipality in Tabqa such as rehabilitation of infrastructure, paving of sidewalks and rehabilitation of sewerage, drinking water networks and decoration of roundabouts and streets dividers. In cooperation with the Environment Committee of the Directorate of Agriculture, the Municipality has launched a campaign to rehabilitate and plant the garden of Al-Rafidain neighborhood in Al-Wasat neighborhood in the city from the south side. Where the garden was rehabilitated and its soil was inspected, iron fence was installed to prevent the entry of animals to it, a guard has been appointed to take care of the garden and to water trees and conservative it.

On this campaign, the head of Environment Department of Agriculture Directorate, “Jamal Abdullatif,” said: “To complete the campaign of planting the city, we started in cooperation with People’s Municipality in Tabqa to cultivate Trees in Rafidain’s Neighborhood Park. The campaign started by painting the iron fence and securing a water line to water the trees, in addition to that 35 trees of  (fruitful palm, linden, and zlacht) were planted. Most of the trees in the gardens were cut off during the period when the armed groups were controlled the city, and now the city’s civil administration is trying to revive life through such campaigns.


SDF. Media Center

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