People’s Municipality rehabilitates sewage network in AL-Sinaa district

Raqqa – People’s Municipality of Raqqa began to rehabilitate sewage networks and sewerage in AL-Sinaa neighborhood, which was destroyed by the crossing of the loaded locomotives, which led to cracks in the pipes.

The project is the largest of its kind due to the length of the highway and the distance that will be rehabilitated in the neighborhood.

Head of the sanitation department, “Mohammed Al-Eilees”, said that after receiving a number of complaints from citizens about the presence of blockages in the water banks in their homes, they began to detect the place of blockage in the cisterns in the neighborhood through pressure tanks, adding that they dug the sewage and replaced the old pipes with Larger ones.

He pointed out that the cause of the blockages in the sewage is about 40 years old on one hand, and the tunnels that were dug by terrorist Daesh organization under the sewage pipes on the other hand.

For his part, the worker, “Ahmed Khalaf,” about the difficulty of work, saying: The difficulties were limited to bad weather conditions and the existence of a number of tunnels.


SDF. Media Center

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