Popular and Official Presence On condolence council, Of The Martyr “Hussein” In Safsafa Vallage

Tabqa – The Council of Families of Martyrs in Tabqa city offered the duty of condolence to the families of the martyr “Hussein Ali” in Safsafa village of Tabqa city, and participated in the assignment members of the Civil Democratic Administration and Women’s Council.

 on the condolence council, the joint president of the families of martyrs in Tabqa “Ahmed Abu Rish”, said: “On behalf of the Council of the families of the martyrs, we offer our deepest condolences to the martyrdom of” Hussein “and all the martyrs, we will not give them their right. They have sacrificed their lives cheaply in order to liberate the northern parts of Syria from the desecration of terrorism that has been hovering over our regions for years. We are ready every day to offer martyrs, because we have the right and defend our land against all dangers and threats that can touch it.

He added that the champion of SDF fighters in its struggle against terrorism in the areas of Deir EZ-Zor province, and confirmed that they are the most glorious battles in the fight against terrorist Daesh organization, describing it as “the enemy that is not compassionate and compassion,” and that “killed many of our sons Injustice and aggression, “pledging to walk on their way to achieve the dignity of this people and protect it.

 On their part, the families of the martyr expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the Council of Martyrs’ Families and thanked SDF which are fighting terrorism wherever it may be.

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