Popular Markets in Hasakah city

Hasakah – The markets of Hasakah province are having great movements and it has been seen that there is an increase in the level of the products that are being bought and sold by the people in the city.

  Azizia popular market is one of those active markets in the neighborhood, and it is organized and active daily, what distinguishes this market is that the majority of the goods are local products,  thus contribute to securing job opportunities for many citizens, Due to the popular demand on  Azizia market, to the moderate  of the prices of  its goods, which fit citizen’s purchasing capabilities   .

Nasser Al-Halabi, who is a citizen in the neighborhood spoke to us about the history of the establishment of this market saying that it was established long time ago  and pointing out that the market is a major source to find the needs of households of large segments of the neighborhood’s people because of low prices compared with the prices prevailing in the public markets, all types of goods, foodstuffs, detergents, and all the requirements of the citizen are sold in the market.

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