Preparations To transfer Al-Tuwaheina Camp to Mahmudli

Tabqa – The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is working on a project to expand the ground of the Mahmudli camp, near Tabqa city, in cooperation with the Office of Organization Affairs in. Tabqa city

The project started on 10/11/2018 and will last for two months, and Shima company is the executing agency of the project.

It includes the expansion of the camp’s land with a new area of 365000 m 2 in addition to the previous area / 80000 / m 2 to make the camp area / 445000 / m 2, The work of the preparations include settling and Dilute the ground  then covered it with Karabia material.

A Member of the Joint Presidency of the Office of Organization Affairs in Tabqa Omar Sulaiman spoke about the project saying: “Due to the many problems that Tuehina camp suffers from, the lack of services and aid, and away from Tabqa city, it was agreed with UNHCR to expand the floor of Al-Mahmudli camp to accommodate the residents of Al-Tuwaihina camp after the completion of the work.

He added that the new camp will be under the direct supervision of the civil administration in Tabqa and the Office of Organization Affairs, and will be provided with all the needs and requirements to alleviate the suffering of refugees, the number of refugees in the camp is currently more than 7450 people and it is increasing.

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