Raqqa Civil Council Holds Its periodical meeting with humanitarian organizations

Raqqa -Raqqa Civil Council held its periodical meeting with the humanitarian organizations operating in the Syrian North and the heads of service offices in Raqqa Civil Council.

The meeting included about 60 service organizations working in all areas of service and relief, the problems and obstacles presented that facing them during work, especially within Raqqa city, which is the problem of electricity and water pumps.

For his part, the head of the Office of Humanitarian Affairs and organizations in Raqqa Civil Council, “Abdul Salam Hamsourk,” stressed on the need to work faster to solve the problems facing the people of Raqqa city in particular and provide the necessary support for them from the relief materials and heating as winter season approaches.

On the other hand, the Chairman of the Energy Committee of Raqqa Civil Council “Sherko Mohammed” noted that the electricity sector did not meet the appropriate support from the organizations, and its cost is very expensive, the cost of repair about 7 million euros, even a part of the required amount did not provide.

 The head of water department of Raqqa Civil Council, “Jasim Al-Khalaf,” confirmed that more attention should be paid to water networks and repair cracks and holes in better way, especially after the emergence of problems of diseases due to epidemics that are widespread in the city.

It is worth to mention that the Energy Committee has qualified 5 electric stations including the service line from Al-Mansoura Dam, AL-Fursia Station, Raqqa 1, Raqqa 2, Raqqa3, Raqqa4, Raqqa Civil Council shall pay all its expenses without any assistance of any organization.


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