Ras al-Ain Clans Denounce Turkish Intervention the Syrian North

The tribes and components of northern and eastern Syria continue to organize meetings and conferences in response to the Turkish attacks on the northern regions of Syria, and to emphasize the unity of the components and peoples of northern and eastern Syria in the face of Turkish interventions in Syrian territory.

A meeting of the components and clans of Ras al-Ain region, which was attended by many Clans elders and intellectuals from the areas of Ras al-Ayn, Zarkan, Darbasiya and Amouda.

The forum opened by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs, then the speech of the civil advisor of SDF, Rezan Chloe, in which he stressed the continuation of the struggle and unifying the ranks to repel the Turkish aggression on the northern regions of Syria. Pointing to the continuation of the process of ending the organization “Daesh” despite Turkey’s attempts to revive it by diverting the attention of our forces targeting the areas of northern and eastern Syria.

The forum included many words, denounced the Turkish intervention in the Syrian internal affairs, and the occupation of Turkey to the northern regions of Syria (Grapples,AL- Bab and Azzaz, Afrin and Idlib), and the continuing threats to the east of the Euphrates. The words stressed the readiness of all the tribes of the region to repel the Turkish aggression and the liberation of Afrin and the rest of the areas that are occupied by Turkey and support SDF to eliminate Daesh organization.

It is worth to mention that the forum of clans and components of the Qamishli region and its countryside also ended with the issuance of a statement confirming that all the tribes of the region and SDF stood united against Turkish attacks.

SDF. Media Center

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