Rehabilitation of flag Roundabout in Tabqa city

Tabqa – Environment Department of People’s municipality in Tabqa city continued its works to restore the sidewalks of the streets, streets dividers and roundabouts in the city.

Maintenance workshops in People’s municipality in Tabqa began the rehabilitation of the flag roundabout which is located on the main road that is linking the Euphrates dam with Aleppo- Raqqa highway and the city’s entrance from the west.

The head of the environment department in People’s municipality in Tabqa “Gamal Abdel Latif” said: “We began to rehabilitate flag roundabout after the removal of the rubble, and we will continue the work for 45 days, where the restoration of this place in a civilized way to keep abreast of the urban development that the city witnesses.

He added: “Within the efforts of People’s municipality in Tabqa other workshops continue the maintenance of street dividers in the way of the Euphrates Dam, and the aim of these works to show the aesthetic touch of civilization in Tabqa city and its surroundings that reflect civilized development reached in Tabqa city.

SDF. Media Center

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