Relations Office holds a meeting for people of Jarnia and its countryside

Tabqa- military public relations office held a meeting for the people of Jarnia region and the neighboring villages, to discuss the political developments in the region and the strife and try to destabilize security and safety, and to view the problems that they are facing.

 The meeting began by a minute of silence in memory of the souls of the martyrs. Omid Kabar, one of SDF leaders, spoke about the political situation on the Syrian arena and the Turkish attacks on the areas of northeastern Syria, which caused civilian casualties, describing the attacks as “failed” Destabilizing the region.

Kabar pointed out that after the failure of the Turkish attempts to control the region, it began to try to spread strife and discrimination and inflame the situation through its media outlets, especially after the assassination of Sheikh “Bashir al-Huwaidi    “he pointed out that the brotherhood among the components of the region prevented the Turkish plans to reach its objectives, stressing that they will not be dragged behind these strife, at the end of the meeting, the service problems  that the region’s people are suffering from were discussed, and the presented opinions and suggestion were listened.


SDF. Media Center


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