Relation’s Office Holds a Meeting in Mahmudli Town

Tabqa – Public relations office of SDF held a meeting in Mahmudli town and neighboring villages, to explain the political situation and the latest circulation of the media agendas and foreign terrorists, including the Syrian regime and developments in northern and eastern Syria, and failed attempts by the Turkish occupation and its terrorists to undermine SDF and control the region.

The meeting was attended by members of the Democratic Council of Syria and members of the democratic civil administration of Tabqa as well as the people of Mahmudli town and surrounding villages.

The meeting started by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs. The public relations official of SDF, Omid Kabar, said: “We started our meetings in Al-Garniya town and then Al-Safsafa and this third meeting to clarify what the Syrian regime’s media is promoting about the entry of its forces into Tabqa and Raqqa. We assure our people in these areas that what is being promoted in this regard is untrue. We renew our pledge to the people that we are on the way of our martyrs. We will not hand over our territories to the Syrian regime or to the Turkish occupation, which has recently begun to shell our safe areas and peaceful civilians in the north and east of Syria. and we are here to uncover the lies of sedition and greedy states of our lands, exposing the practices of hostile states that are trying to regroup terrorist groups including Daesh which became rats under fire strikes of SDF.

Kabar stressed to the people that we will not allow anyone to desecrate or try to attack the land for which heroes sacrificed in the face of difficulties, to return the land to their owners and liberate it from the terrorism that was hovering on these areas. We stand united against anyone who tries to destabilize security and safety And stand against all strifes, and we will maintain the security of our regions against the attempts by the Baathist regime and the Turkish occupation against our regions, and these actions only to destabilize the security and safety of the region and to create strife among the people of the region and to undermine the principle of brotherhood of the peoples living by our people, It has been adopted the Turkish and its terrorists against our regions, to instill fear among the people of the region.

Kabar added that the people in the Syrian north have placed confidence in SDF to be the only power that can protect people and land.

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