Sahel AL-khshib Water Pumps are Supplied By electricity

Tabqa- “Together for AL-Jrnia” organization signed a memorandum of understanding with the Office of Organizations and the Directorate of Electricity in Tabqa, to start the work of electric supplement to drinking water pumps of Sahel AL-khshib after it being recently rehabilitated.

The project supervisor of implementation of electric supplement to pumps of Sahel AL-khshib project Younis Mohammed confirmed that: “The work of the project is to construct two towers for the medium Voltage, and the extension of Electric panels of medium Voltage and new electrical networks, and the transfer of electric transformer.

 He explained that “this step comes to connect electricity to operate / 3 / pumps at a high level, which will connect the electricity to the pumps of villages / Swedish Kabera, Sahel AL-khshib,Kederan,AL-Shara,AL-Moustaha and AL-Waa farm, The beneficiaries of the project are approximately 25 thousand people.

SDF. Media Center


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