Shimon: Turkish and Iranian pressure has caused us to be excluded from international dialogues

As the Syrian Council of Democracy seeks to develop its civil institutions, establish its political structure in the liberated areas from terrorist Daesh organization, and find a foothold in international dialogues about the future of Syria, Turkey and Iran continue to pressure the international community to block Involvement in those dialogues. In this regard, “Gabriel Chamoun,” Vice-President of the Joint of Syrian Democratic Council pointed that they are in the establishment of their administration, which brings together all components of Syrian society, despite marginalization and exclusion from international dialogues that seek to resolve the Syrian crisis.

He stressed that the failure of all dialogues is due to the lack of call upon the real representatives of the Syrian society to dialogue, including Syrian Democratic Council which is a key party in resolving the crisis. Shimon explained that the reason for excluding them from the dialogues is the Turkish and Iranian pressures that oppose all those who do not support their plans and projects in the region. Shimon stressed that the final political solution is to involve all the Syrian parties in it, which is the only way out of the crisis with minimal losses.

SDF. Media Center


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