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The Turkish attacks on our border villages were used by ISIS as we had to suspend the military operations against them till the threats on our northern borders are gone, ISIS started several counter attack operations, using suicide vehicles and personnel, benefiting from the former mentioned Turkish attacks.

After the communication between the SDF general command and the International Coalition Commanders, with intensive diplomatic efforts aimed to defuse the crisis on the border, and the positive calls from our allies to de-escalate and focus the efforts on defeating ISIS, as it would contribute to the stabilization of the area and the benefit of all parties. SDF general command saw the need to continue its operations and fulfill the final defeat of ISIS.

The previous suspended operations, were only the offensive attacks, while the airstrikes continued to target ISIS command centers, destroying several targets and eliminating several groups of terrorists.

On the same time, one of our special units conducted a special operation with a support from the international coalition helicopters. The operation resulted in the arrest of a high-ranking commander of ISIS in Raqqa. This demonstrates that ISIS still has roots and dormant cells in the liberated areas, and the need to continue this alliance and cooperation on the long term, to secure the environment of stabilization and prevent the re-emergence of terrorist organizations.

SDF continue its commitment to fulfill AL- Jazeera Storm operation, and push back ISIS in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, and finish its operation “The Battle to Defeat Terrorism” with the final defeat of ISIS and tracking and destroying its remnants and dormant cells where ever they are.

As our forces continue to deter terrorism, we call on our civilian brothers and sisters to avoid ISIS centers, and stay away from the possible areas of operations. As we know that ISIS terrorists force civilians to gather in specific places, and uses the civilians as human shields and the populated buildings as an ammunition depot, we call on the civilians to take all possible measures to evacuate operation areas.

While SDF General Command emphasize on its determination to defeat terrorism, it also emphasizes on its determination to protect the international northern borders of Syria, secure the social peace of all its peoples and calls to solving all problems through discussion, away from threats and escalation which cannot provide any results. Our forces invoke on using the language of logic and reason, assuring that we are calling for peace, not posing a threat to anyone, and we fully know that discussions are the best way to provide all the necessary solutions to all our problems.

Glory to our martyrs

Shame to terrorism and its supporters.

SDF-Media Center


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