Tabqa Electricity Department opens a workshop for the maintenance of transformers

Tabqa –  Electricity Department in Tabqa city opened a workshop for the maintenance of electrical transformers.

After connecting the electricity to the entire Tabqa city and its countryside, and due to increase of pressure on power transformers, the Directorate began the maintenance out of service electrical transformers.

 This workshop was opened since15 days ago with local cadres and experts, engineers and technicians,” said Hussain Al Ali, the head of the maintenance department at the Directorate. “They are repairing generators and electrical transformers, resulting from the heavy pressure and overloading of these transformers.

 He pointed out that three transformers have been repaired since the opening of the workshop (electric transformer of Mansoura village, electric transformer of Economic Committee in the city of Raqqa city, and electric transformer of Ayed Kabeer village).

SDF. Media Center


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