The Euphrates clans: We are against the threats of Syrian regime and Turkish occupation

In a series of meetings with the Arab tribes, the Public Relations Office of SDF in the Euphrates Region held a meeting with Arab tribal leaders and leaders in the Euphrates region in the cultural center hall of Srin village of Kubani province to discuss developments And to assess the current situation on the Syrian arena in general and the north and east of Syria in particular, and to identify Turkey’s interventions and attempts to violate the territorial integrity of Syrian land and to strike the components of the Syrian social and national Harmony.

The meeting, which was attended by dignitaries and sheikhs of the tribes of al-Afdalah, al-Na’im and al-Jays in the Euphrates region, began by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs.

Ibrahim Hamza, a member of the public relations office of the People’s Protection Units, and Aziz al-Ahmad, a member of the Public Relations Bureau of SDF, also spoke. Where they stressed in the midst of their talk on the need to unit of the people of Syria to get out of this crisis, which entered its eighth year.

They also called for the role of the tribes in preserving the civil peace and the brotherhood of the region’s components. They also called upon the sons, dignitaries and sheikhs of the northern and eastern clans of Syria to exert more efforts to confront the threats of the Syrian regime and Turkish occupation.

In this regard, Hamza pointed to the Turkish occupation of Afrin region, as well as several areas in the Syrian north, from Graples to the Syrian Idlib. Hamza stressed that the protection units of the people and women, which are Key components of SDF, are committed to liberating Afrin and the rest of the region of the Turkish occupation, stressing that this goal is a top priority.

He also referred to the threats of the Syrian regime to the liberated areas of the terrorist organization “Daesh” in northern and eastern Syria, pointing out that these threats do not serve the issue of the Syrian people, stressing that the crisis will only be solved by dialogue. and that their weapons are not directed to the Syrian army, but to protect Syrians from terrorism.

Sheikh Haj Khalil Al-Jassem also addressed a speech on behalf of Arab tribes in the Euphrates region as follows: In my name and in the name of clans of Al-Afdalah, Al-Naim and Al-Jays, we confirm our support for the project of self-management that we are part of and represent it, which is Based on the brotherhood of peoples and co-existence.

He added: On behalf of the Arab tribes in the Euphrates region condemn the attacks and threats of Turkish Ottoman, and Turkey’s occupation of Syrian land.

Al-Jassem stressed that they stand by the resistance of SDF by saying: We promise SDF that we stand by them by all our strength until liberating every inch of the Syrian land from the Turkish occupation and from Daesh.

Jamil Abboud also delivered a speech on behalf of the Kurdish tribes in the Euphrates region, saying: “Our meeting frightens Turkey and all the enemies of the Syrian people. Through these meetings, we affirm the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence.

Aboud added: “Our region passes through a delicate and special stage that requires unity, and more efforts. We have managed to fail Turkey and Erdogan’s plans in this way, and Turkey’s recent attacks are proof of its failure, Turkey’s targeting of children and Unarmed civilians is proof of its inability.


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