The first session of the “Syrian Dialogue” Forum was held in Raqqa

Raqqa – Under the motto of “Syrian Dialogue” Raqqa Civil Council held a forum attended by figures from civil society and the dignitaries of Raqqa city, the forum began to stand a minute of silence on the souls of martyrs and martyr Sheikh Bashir al-Huwaidi, who was assassinated by perfidious people intended to destabilize the region, the forum was managed by administrative in Syrian Dialogue” Forum “Salaheddine Muslim” welcomed the attendees and stressed the necessity of  Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and the aim of the Forum to build a civilized, secure  and stability Syria  and that the choice of tenderness to hold its first meetings in Raqqa to prove to all that Raqqa city is steadfast and will be a thorn in the eyes of the hateful people Who want to destroyed our country.

On the other hand, “Laila Mustafa,” the joint president of Raqqa Civil Council delivered a speech in which she welcomed the attendance and pointed to the need for Syrian-Syrian dialogue to reach a stable and secure ground that is urging on coexistence and brotherhood of peoples, Laila Mustafa pointed out that the blood of the martyr Sheikh Bashir al-Huwaidi will not go down and the investigations are still carrying out to discover the perpetrators of this heinous crime, many interventions and speeches were discussed and put forward and shared solutions to achieve the desired goal of a free and democratic life under the banner of unified, decentralized Syria.

SDF. Media Center

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