The outcome of daily engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

The “battle to defeat terrorism” is resumed to eliminate the remnants of terrorist Daesh organization in the eastern countryside of Deir EZ-Zor, with the direct support of the international coalition forces, where strong engagements broke out Saturday morning, 17 November, between our fighters and terrorists in several axes, in which the terrorist organization used all types of weapons. As a result of the engagements, a number of terrorists were killed and a number of its warehouses and sites were destroyed.

The International coalition Air Force carried out 16 air raids on terrorist positions and fortifications, as well as roads used by Daesh terrorists to transport and deliver supplies and ammunition. The air jets were able to destroy two weapons and ammunition warehouses, as well as one of the roads that used to deliver supplies and support to terrorists.

  • The final outcome of the battles today is as the following:
  1.  International coalition Air Force strikes: 16 strikes
  2.  terrorist deaths: 22 terrorists
  3.  losses of terrorists:
  • Destruction of two weapons and ammunition warehouses.
  • Destruction of two terrorist vehicles, one of which was car bomb  before reaching its target.
  • Destruction of a building where the terrorists were holed up.
  •  Destruction of 4 terrorists’ sites.
  • Destruction of a logistic and supplies building.

Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

17 November 2018

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