Tour of the Office of fighter’s families to the fighter’s families

Tabqa – The office of the families of the fighters of SDF visited the families of the fighters. These visits as are part of the national duties and in recognition of the value of these fighters among these forces.

The office organized a tour in the western countryside of Tabqa / Al-Bau Asi village/ they visited the families of the fighters to ask for their condition and their problems and to explain the principles and objectives of SDF to the people of the fighters. The state of its ranks.

Hassan al-Ahmad, a member of the committee of the ‘families’ office, told us: “We join daily visits, after coordinating the members of the office with the people of the fighters. The visits are a tribute to the fighters and the love of their families because they proved their love for their country and their faith in the principles of democracy. We have provided them and their families with their rights, because they are always prepared to stand up against any occupation that Covet the treasures of this country.

SDF. Media Center

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