Transport of large Boats from bridge’s West to Its East

Raqqa- As the winter season approaches, and in order to avoid accidents occurring in the Euphrates River, the Department of Internal Transport of People’s Municipality of Raqqa issued a circular to transfer the ships and boats that are operating between the banks of Euphrates from the west of Euphrates bridge to its east.

Ali Al-Zaiter, head of the Department of Internal Transport, confirmed that this circular was issued after the ships collided with heavy weights on the body of the bridge, which leads to its cracking day by day, on the one hand.

 As the winter season approaches with strong winds and avoiding accidents on the other hand, Waleed Haji, head of the Department of the Technical Department in People’s Municipality of Raqqa, added that they have prepared a new port for ships and boats and sidewalks to stop cars and to regulate traffic and the movement of citizens on both sides of the river.

Mohammed al-Yousef of the people of Raqqa thanked People’s Municipality for this positive step because it saved them a lot of effort of them, shortened a great distance during their crossing and avoided the incidents that were taking place in the past.

 it is worth to mention that with the approach of finishing work in the old bridge ,150 licenses for owners of ships and large boats were granted and the number is increasing because of the density of population and daily commercial traffic through  Euphrates River.


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