Unlimited creativity despite disability

Raqqa- He did not stop showing what his humble pen and brushes, which bring out his feelings and talents from paintings and drawings from the time he joined elementary school until graduating from Sports Institute, it is his only way to reveal what he is going through his mind, he is the artist, painter and calligrapher “Ibrahim Habib”, born in Raqqa city in  1983, graduate of Sports Institute in 2008, and the owner of drawings and paintings expressing the innocence of childhood, Ibrahim Habib”, obsession with drawing art dates back to the late 1990s, when he joined the Fine Arts Center in Raqqa in 1998, he participated in several art exhibitions in Raqqa, more than a one painting that embodies the innocence of childhood.

Disruptive Disability:

During the battles to eliminate the terrorist Daesh organization in Raqqa, “Habib” was injured by a shrapnel in his head due to that, he lost the ability to speak and hear, but his handicap did not prevent him from practicing his favorite art drawing, when Raqqa was controlled by Daesh terrorists organization “Habib” was prevented from drawing under the name “Haraam”,  and Daesh terrorists  tear down all his paintings that are the result of his career in this art of life, after the liberation of Raqqa city from Daesh” Habib Ibrahim” returned to practice his art, to reflect in his paintings again the will of Raqqa’s people , which defeated the darkness of terrorism and restored the city’s splendor after years of injustice and deprivation.

No limited support for “Habib”:

Amira al-Hamd, head of special needs committee of social affairs in Raqqa Civil Council, said she was surprised by Habib’s Capabilities and talents, which are a challenge to her disability. and confirmed that they will support and finance the exhibitions and projects that he plans to start.


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