Vaccination of 120,000 Children in Raqqa And Its Countryside

Raqqa- Health Committee of Raqqa Civil Council follows vaccine campaigns of polio, which will cover more than 120,000 children in Raqqa and its Countryside.

 The joint chairman of the Health Committee, Ahmed Ismaili, said that the campaign began on 4/11/2018 and will continue until 8/11/2018 and was preceded by a five-days awareness campaign.

The campaign includes a vaccine for children aged from one day to five years for the oral vaccination, and from two months to two years for Intramuscular injection vaccination.

 He added that WHO has provided medical and logistical assistance to the vaccine campaign, 60 thousand children have been immunized against polio, 50 thousand oral vaccinations and 10 thousand Intramuscular injection vaccinations within five days, Ismail stressed that the campaign will continue and took from Saif Al-Dawla Street in the center of  Raqqa city as a starting point to all areas of Al-Raqqa city and its countryside and the displaced people from Deir EZ-Zor also will be included.

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