Village of my country AL-Hamam

Raqqa- Al Hamam village is located on the right bank of the Euphrates River, in the western Raqqa countryside, 25 km away from the city center and at the west of it, Mansoura town is located.  AL-Hurria Dam is the western entrance of the village. It is bordered by the village of Al-Hawra from the south and Barouda village to the east.  While the Euphrates River flows north of the village.

 The village is characterized by an archaeological site dating back to the Roman era called the Roman Baths. It is located to the southeast of the village.

 This village was liberated from terrorist Daesh on 2/6/2017, where the urban movement was active after its liberation and the formation of local council to manage and organize its affairs, three elementary and preparatory schools were opened and water and electricity returned to the village. It has a population of 15,000 people, most of them from AL- Ajeel clan, and are working in agricultural.

“Mohammed al-Ajeel,” one of the villagers told us about this village, saying that the majority of the village’s population is working in agriculture, and there are a number of agricultural nurseries in the village. Its location on Raqqa – Aleppo highway and the rest of the cities helped to boost trade and industry.

The Military Public Relations Office in the village also played a major role in resolving clan disputes, prompting these tribes to urge their sons to join the ranks of SDF that liberated them from the control of terrorist Daesh organization.


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