Work on Rehabilitating Euphrates Stadium

Raqqa -Youth and Sports Committee removed the rubble from Al-Furat Handball Stadium in preparation for its full rehabilitation to receive fans and handball players.

A member of Youth and Sports Committee, “Abdul Karim Abbas,” confirmed that the removal of rubble came after the clearing of the mines by the demining team, and that they are in the process of rehabilitation after it was one of the most important headquarters of terrorist Daesh organization which laid mines the place before leaving, the committee is trying to restore the sportiness as it had in the previous time.

After the Commission has rehabilitated stadiums and gyms, it has been calling on all former athletes in the city to help in training the young people in various sports.

It is worth to mention that Youth and Sports Committee will hold an expanded meeting in order to establish a union of athletes in Raqqa city.

SDF. Media Center

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