51 fighters finished their training round.

The academies of the martyr (Sarya Ronahy) for demining and the martyr Fayyad Al-Shalaby specialized in snipe ring have finished their fifth round, where it included 51 trainees, titled under the name of the martyr (Ismael Dally) and Dil Gash Kobani, however it continued for 45 days.
The ceremony started with standing a silent minute, and performed a martyr greeting by the fighters, where Kani Khalil the commander in SDF made a speech, where he thanked the fighters for their patience and their strong will, and made sure that they are the strong shield that will defend the home.
The Martyr Dilgash Kobani trainees, whom number is 27 took theoretical lessons in addition to snipe-ring and its rules.
The ceremony was finished with the military ceremony and the graduated members got their military IDs.

SDF-Media center.

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