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86 children were graduated from Basmt Amal kindergarten

Al-Tabqa_ the kinder garden Basmt Amal has graduated 86 children between the age of 4 to 5 years and half, from Al-Mansoura town, in the countryside of Al-Tabqa.

However, the children performed a divers combination of presentations such as singing, poems, acting, dance and sport, however the course started on 26\8\2018 and continued until today.

 the children spent 4 months at the kindergarten where, they received information, Trained on reading and writing skills and offered psychological support, based on a specific curriculum for kindergarten stage, preparing children for entering school. The program contains training children on some sport games, anthems, targeted songs and drawing art.

   The manager of Basmt Amal “Adnan Al-Ulywy said: “the children achieved a clear success in their educational level, throughout the tests that they had, however, this was because of the specialized teachers in education and kindergarten fields”.

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