The regiment of the martyr (Redur Al-Jureena) is continuing training the fighters.

The Regiment of martyr (Redur Al-Jureena) is continuing its military and political training for the fighters.

Al-Tabqa-_the regiment of the martyr (Redur Al-Jurnya) is continuing its political and military training for its fighter.

Faisal Jasm Muhammad, the leader of the regiment, talked about the training that the fighters take where he said: (the fighters receive cultural and political lessons as well as military training on many types of weapons (light medium and heavy weapons), however the training included distributed allocated times for military tactic, street war methods and its practices. We as military trainers want to raise and develop fighters’ physically and spiritually. We receive new fighters and some fighters who need training from other military regiment)

Furthermore, he pointed that many rounds of fighters were graduated from the regiment of the Martyr ” Redur Al-Jureena”, they were distributed to many areas of Dair Al-Zor, and Raqqa, while the rest remained in the regiment.

He mentioned that the regiment fighters had participated in the campaign of Al-Jazeera storm in Hajin City, where they are fully ready to resist any raid or attack on the region.

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