A brief on a martyr life

The martyr (Khaled Salama) was born in Al-Bu-Kamal city, east of Dair Al-Zor city, his birth date was 1982, he was married and had a daughter whose age is 2 years.

In the past, he was working as Taxi driver, he lived in a difficult situation as same as other youth of the region.

He was displaced with his family to Til-Abyad town, however, since the beginning of Euphrates Anger campaign, he joined SDF and passed military trainings in the SDF academies.

He engaged the battles of northern countryside of Raqqa and participated in the liberation of many villages (Khunaze, Al-Kalta, Ain Issa, Til Al-Samn and Huzaima), then he moved to Al-Tabqa town, where he engaged violate battles against ISIS terrorist organization in Ayed Saghir town.

Khaled got martyred in Al-Tabqa town, as a result of traitor bullet by ISIS terrorists in the neighborhood of Manghya in Al-Tabqa City.

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