A brief on a martyr life

The martyr: Samir Sheikh Mous Shamdi, a citizen from Hasakah district who worked in agriculture and free work, joined the people protection units in 2013, he passed a training course in (Martyr Khabat) academy where he took cultural and military lessons in both theorical and practical aspects.

He participated in Til-Barak, Abdulaziz mountain, Til tamer battle and finally in the liberating  Manbij battle where he got martyred..

The martyr’s mother (Zakkya Abdullah) talked about her son martyr hood incident, ” when my son was defending Manbij people, he was trapped with his comrades by ISIS, then he got martyrs with his comrades”.  

“He loved studding, where he wanted to be an engineer to participate in building his country, but the financial reasons minded him from completing his education, he was saying that we must insure safe life to our children and build concrete and educated society” martyrs mother talked about his life.

At the end of her speech, the martyr mother expressed that she is proud of her son’s martyr hood

SDF-Media center.

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