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A fighter from my home

The fighter (Tarq Al-Sallal Abdullah) one of the Darbasya district, the countryside of Al-Hasakah, whose married and has two children, participated in SDF two years ago.

“Abdullah” has received political and cultural lessons in addition to military training on different sorts of weapons, where he participated in many stages of Al-Jazeera storm during liberating Raqqa and its countryside and clean it from ISIS as well.

Tarq says: “the main reason of my participation in SDF is that I saw it the main only power that combined all the components of Syrian society without any discrimination, and the only power that achieve the Syrian people ambition”.

The fighter (Al-Sallal) has ended his speech: “Now, I insist more and have more determination to continue my way that I selected to defend my people and home, despite all the  threatening and conspiracies that are designed against our people and home”.

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