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A fighter from my home

The fighter (Muhammad Al-Khaled) from Shadadi town, he was a simple labor, working the whole day to provide the basic needs to his family. He joined SDF in 2017, and received training courses in the academy of (good morning), however, he participated in the liberation of Dair Al-Zor towns and countryside where he was wounded due to the expulsion of one mine.

Regarding his injury, Al-Khaled said: “after  a violate battles against ISIS terrorists, we could liberate Al-Tanak field in the countryside of Dair Al-Zor, During the sweeping process of the field from remained devices, left by the terrorist organization, the mine was bombed, this led to injury in my right hand, I was taken by ambulance to (Martyr Sarya)  military hospital in Al-Hasakah city, to receive treatment, then to (Wounded house).

Al-Khaled promised the martyrs saying: (we promise you on taking the road of dignity that you drew for us with your pure blood till the liberation of all the regions, and returning the safety and security to its population.

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