A fighter from my home

The fighter (Suliman Al-Abdo), from Ras Al-Ain, is married and has 3 children, however, he was raised in a hard work simple family, however, he joined SDF at the early 2014, where he received military and theoretical training in one of the SDF academies, he trained on all the weapons sorts, light and heavy once, and received political and cultural lessons as well.

Al_Abdo participated in the battels of liberating the countryside of Al-Haskalah and (Euphrates anger) battle, during his participation in the battle, he was shot by snipers in his shoulder.

Al-Suliman talked about the reason of his participation in SDF, where he said: (I  joined SDF because it contains all the components of Syria and created fraternity among them)

In his speech about the battles, Al_Abdo mentioned the liberation battle of Ras Al-Ain, where the terrorist organization of ISIS launched an attack that made many of his comrades get martyred.

At the end of his speech, Al-Abdo wished that all the people of north of Syria join SDF in order to resist any attack or any attempt to attack north of Syria.

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