A fighter from my home

The fighter (Muhammad Iz Al-din Khalaf) from Al-Hasakah city, left his study and joined SDF forces to defend the home and liberate it from the terrorism.

However, he passed training courses in many types of weapons, where he participated in the liberation campaign of Al-Jazeera district.

Regarding his military life, Al-Khalaf said: “I participated in the battels of liberating the towns of (Til-Tamr, Ras Al-ain and Til-Brak), however, In Al-Shadadi liberation we exposed to an attack by the ISIS terrorists during our sweeping campaign for villages, so I got wounded in my right arm as a result, then I was transferred to the (Martyr Sarya) in Al-Hasakah to receive treatment”.

” I haven’t been treated well, but I insist on coming back to fighting to accompany my hero comrades till all the areas get liberated” Al-Khalaf added.

SDF-media center.

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