A Flash About a Fighter’s Life

Hasakah- Fighter “Kadar Mohammed” from Hasakah city, he was a student at the Arts Faculty of  Aleppo University after the massacres against civilians and the brutality of terrorist groups, he decided to join the People Protection Units’ ranks in 2014 and received political and military courses at Martyr Broussak Hasakah Academy.

He has participated in many liberation campaigns, including Jaza’a and Shadadi towns in the Southern Countryside of Hasakah and the liberation campaign of Raqqa. He is now participating in Al-Jazeera Storm campaign, which targets the last enclave of terrorists in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Speaking of his military life, Mohammed said: “I am proud to have been part of the liberation battles. I have fought alongside many heroes who have written the most wonderful episodes of the tournament. Some of them have won the honor of martyrdom. We have overcome many difficult situations thanks to the unity and love we have had.

It is worth to mention that the People’s Protection Units are under the banner of SDF and are considered its Basic component.

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