A flash About a Martyr’s Life

Hasakah- Martyr “Delovan Issa” from Hasakah city, left the school and went to work in pastries field because of the poverty bad conditions that his family was suffered from.

He was one of the first young men who joined the People’s Protection Units and underwent to more than one course of political and military training at Martyr “Khubat” academy in Hasakah.

On the day of his martyrdom, the mother of the martyr “Salma Abdel Aziz” said: During the control of AL- Nasrah terrorists on the Ghurayn neighborhood (one of Hasakah’s neighborhoods) a group of the People’s Protection Units’ fighters were ambushed by the terrorists.

Delovan went with another group to liberate the detainees, and they were able to do so after strong engagements with AL- Nasrah Front terrorists, but they were hit by mortars on the back way, and due to that Delovan and one of his friends were martyred.

The Martyr’s mother expressed her glory and pride in the martyrdom of her son, calling him by the freedom’s martyr.

SDF. Media Center

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