A flash about a Martyr’s Life

The martyr “Mohammed Hanan” from Tabqa city, joined SDF ranks with the launch of Qazab AL- Furat campaign to liberate Raqqa city from the injustice of Daesh terrorists, won the honor of martyrdom and became part of the constellation heroes who poured the soil of the homeland with their blood pure.

The martyr “Mohammed” is / 24 /years was imprisoned for three months on charges of anti-organization and did not release until he was fined.

He participated in several liberation campaigns after receiving political and military training courses in Al-Shuyukh village, including the campaign to liberate his city (Tabqa) and a number of neighboring villages (Swedish, AL-Wadyan, Salhabiya, Hawi Al Hawa).

On the death of his father, “Abdel Aziz Hanan:” After the liberation of Pediatrics’ hospital in Raqqa a mine exploded during the combing of the hospital and was immediately martyred.

The father of the martyr expressed his pride in the martyrdom of his son to lift the injustice of his family and his people, stressing that the memory of all the martyrs will remain immortal in the hearts of all free people in the Syrian North. 

SDF. Media Center


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