A flash about the life of a fighter

Raqqa-Fighter Kara Raqqa from Mashbal district of Raqqa joined SDF ranks in order to lift the injustice and tyranny of terrorist organizations on civilians.

He underwent several political and military courses in the various academies in the Syrian North.

He has participated in several liberation campaigns, including the liberation campaigns of (Raqqa, Tal El Abyad and Ein Issa) cities. He is currently participating in (AL-Jzeera storm) campaign targeting terrorists in their last enclave in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Kara confirmed that the most difficult situation he was in was in AL-Kahrba district of Raqqa when they were stationed at one of the front points. A group of Daesh terrorists infiltrated to the point and target it by an anti-tank missile and due to that he had injury in his left hand a group of his friends were martyred.

Kara expressed his great joy that was felt after the liberation of cities and villages and when he saw their people return to their homes in peace and security.

SDF. Media Center

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