A massive meeting among Tribal leaders and Sheiks of Raqqa City

Al-Raqqa_ Raqqa civil council held a massive meeting included tribal leaders and notable people of Raqqa city as well as commanders of SDF in in order to discuss the latest political, security and military situations of north of Syria.

The meeting started with standing a silent minute as an appreciation for martyrs’ soul, then some members of Raqqa civil council, commanders of Raqqa city and tribal leaders of Raqqa made speech, making  sure their resistance against enemy conspiracies.

The general in SDF (Luqman Khalil) clarified to Sheiks and notable people of Raqqa city, some of the military issues that are going on, where he said: we don’t care for external threatening we are targeted because we have principals, we have morals that serve people and express on people unity and democracy, we all are targeted by terrorism that aim to destabilization, weak security and destroying people unity. However, by cooperation among us, we will overcome the terrorism and fail all its plans.

The co-chair of the Raqqa civil council: (Mushlb Al-Darweesh) made sure that Raqqa civil council work won’t be affected neither by any Media propaganda, statement nor latest American decision to withdraw from north of Syria, because our nation don’t rely on one man in its power, if he has been gone the nation has been dead. On contrary we are the land owner and right owner, we will win otherwise we will die.

We have to be decision makers and stand with our security and military forces side by side, as our goal is to defend our home and people, however, we have to make sure to our institutions that we all are at the same trench to face challenges on this home.

The Sheik Ayd Al-Hadi, one of the Avadla tribe said: we ask all to stand in one raw, side by side, with SDF against any inserted enemy who tries to destabilize the unity of our raw, no body except us will defend his home and honor, we will resist the enemy with our military commanders, where we all represent martyr hood and sacrificing projects for our dignity and honor.

The Sheik (Muhammad Turkey), one of the AlSabkha Tribe sheiks, said: we are the home owners we defend it with our money and people. As sheiks of tribes and notable people, we stand with  SDF by all what have to resist the Turkish enemy and others, we won’t be effected by the American remaining or withdrawal. We will defend our land with our people and by standing side by side with SDF.

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