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A village from my Country

Hasakah – Dulab al-Owais village is located west of Al-Hasakah, adjacent to the Khabur River from the west.

It is considered one of the oldest villages in the region, and is named after water-wheals, which was located on the Khabour River.

It has a population of about 1500 people, from different clans (ma’amara, al-akidat, al-bakara and salalah).

Most of its inhabitants work in agriculture, especially planting vegetables that are irrigated from the river’s water.

There are a large number of teachers and engineers and carried the certificates of Intermediate Institutes, due to the high level of education

A large number of its young men joined SDF ranks after the terrorist group attack on Hasakah city.

In which a number of civil centers and councils were formed in it, that are working to solve the problems of the people and provide them with essential needs.

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